Software presentation

You will find in this page the descriptions of tools for polynomial optimization developed by the partners of the project and how they can be accessed and used.

  • The msolve C library for polynomial system solving :
    This is a new open source C library developed by University of Sorbonne and TU Kaiserslautern for polynomial system solving with algebraic methods such as Groebner bases, in particular it can also be used for solving polynomial optimization problems

  •  MomentTools.jl:
    This a Julia package for solving polynomial optimization problems, via moment matrix relaxations. It provides tools to optimize vectors of moments sequences that sastisfy positivity constraints or mass constraints,to extract minimizers from moment sequences. It uses a connection with SDP solvers via the JuMP interface.

  • TSSOS: a Julia library to exploit sparsity for large-scale polynomial optimization:
    This is a new open source Julia library developed by LAAS CNRS for large-scale polynomial optimization, based on the sparsity adapted moment-SOS hierarchies. Related modules can perform complex polynomial optimization, eigenvalue/trace optimization of noncommutative polynomials, compute joint spectral radii for stability analysis, approximate attractors and invariants of sparse dynamical systems.